Sunday, June 11, 2006

Curiosity Almost Killed This Lucky Black Cat

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The above links to a story about a black cat named Salem in the UK, who decided to go on "Holiday" with his family by climbing underneath the hood, (or "Bonnet"), of the car, and getting stuck in the engine!

Salem survived the trip, proving once and for all that black cats are lucky, as they seem to believe in that part of the world, (see my earlier posts in April on whether black cats are lucky or unlucky). Well, maybe not absolutely, since it was suppose to be a free trip that the family had won, and after paying for the mechanic to get the cat out, and the Vet's bill, they were 660 pounds in the hole! But, Salem was lucky he didn't die, and the family is lucky they didn't lose their beloved cat. Right? Yeah. Right.

I find it interesting though, that the cat was named Salem, which I feel must refer the belief that black cats are witches, (or at least owned by witches). See my previous post on the Edgar Allan Poe Story entitled "The Black Cat". So, I guess in that part of the world they embrace, or at least know of that perception.

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