Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Purrfectly Black Cat "Mojo" has had Her Kittens!

I had to go out of town on Friday, as my brother who lives out of the country was down south of me about 250 miles visiting his daughter, who just had a baby. So, we booked a room down there for one night, and left early Friday.

I was really torn, because I knew Mojo was due soon, yet I wanted to see my brother, and my new nephew, and other family members, too!

I even called the Vet to see if I could board her there, as I knew she wouldn't want to go with us at a time like this, especially since she hates cars. The Vet's office actually recommended that I leave her home, as they felt she would feel safer there, and it would be easier on her. So, I hung curtains on the bath rod, put her blanket in there too, left plenty of food and water, and with a tear in my eye, bid my farewell to her.

When we arrived home at 5pm on Saturday, she didn't greet us at the door, so I went straight to the bathtub, swung open the curtains, expecting to see her with a litter of kittens, and no Mojo. So I went to the closet next, and much to my surprise, she was there , in the center of the closet, delivering a black little baby kitty. It was all the way out, but was still attached by its umbilical cord. She was torn between greeting me, and cleaning up the new kitty. So, I quickly pet her, and placed her back with her kitty. She finished up cleaning her and got her cord loose, and tried to pick her up to put her in the Kitty Cube, but failed short of it. I asked my husband for a towel, and after wiping the new kitten down, I went to place it in the cube for Mojo, and low and behold, there were two more kittens in there! One being Black and White, and the other an unusual Brown and Black Tabby stripped kitten.

After getting a little bit of loving from me she went into the cube with her newborn kittens, and have been mothering and purring ever since! It's now shortly after 10pm.

I'm thinking maybe she actually had the kittens in the cube, as the carpet in the closet is clean, and the cube isn't. I think when she heard me come in, she climbed out to greet me, and couldn't go any farther. So, those of you who thought she'd have them in the cube were correct. Here's the breakdown of the poll on "Where Will Mojo Have Her Kittens?":


So, a majority of you bloggers were correct! Way to go!

I'm not sure if she will have anymore, or if this is all. She's been in there with her babies, so it's hard to tell, if she still has more in her. I did notice she looked much smaller before she went back in, but I didn't get a chance to feel her belly. Time will tell. I've read that they can go 24 and even 48 hours in between kittens. So, we'll see.

Thanks for all your support and coaxing Mojo on! She did a wonderful job, and she is in mommy mode now and really enjoying herself!

The picture I am posting here is of her and her newborns. The stripped one is in the center of the other two. I know they are hard to see and I'll try to get better pictures later, as I don't want to disturb Mojo too much right now.

I'll also keep you posted if any more kittens arrive.

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