Friday, May 19, 2006

Some Great Information Regarding Cat Pregnancy & Delivery

My last post, I announced that my black cat, “Mojo” is having kittens, and I asked if anyone had any info or advice as I haven’t had kittens since I was a kid.

Well, a fellow blogger, Jenn of , commented on that post, and provided me with two links on the topic of cat pregnancy and delivery. I found these links to be so helpful, that I felt they deserved a spot on my sidebar under links.

If your cat is in the same situation as my mine, and you’re a bit nervous and concerned about what’s going on, and how you’re going to prepare for and handle the “big” day, be sure and read the links. Thanks Jenn, I feel much more prepared!

Another blogger, Chris, suggested I, in advance, prepare a box lined with towels in a cozy spot, such as a closet. Chris was right on with that suggestion, as even the “experts” on the links said to do that. Thanks Chris for the great advice!

I have prepared a box, but instead of towels, I’ve put in her new pink throw blanket, as she really does love it, and can’t help but purr when she gets on it! I’m hoping it will lure her to the box, and I am even putting cat treats in it before I head off to work, so she’ll surely notice it.

Instead of putting it in the closet, I’ve cleaned out the under the bathroom sink cupboard, and put it in there, as I hope to be able to on occasion, confine them to that room, as that is where the kitty litter box is.

I don’t know if she will go there when the time comes, and I think it’s coming soon, as cats are such independent creatures. I’m kind of afraid she might just have them in the bathtub, as she loves lounging in there, and has even taken her favorite toy in with her. Of course, not when there is water in it! I guess time will tell.

Maureen of , also commented on the post saying she is looking forward to seeing the photos of the kittens, and congratulated “Mojo” and me. Thanks Maureen! I will be posting lots of pictures, and hope you enjoy them. If anyone else wants to follow this kitten birthing saga, be sure and bookmark this blog.

So where do you think she’ll have the kittens? I’m betting on the bathtub, only because I’m really making an effort now to keep my dresser drawers closed, (see previous post, 4/30/06)!


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