Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cat in a Bag

Poor Mojo has been cooped up, so I thought I would take her Shopping with us today, and snapped a picture of her in her "Blitz" Pet Carrier, which is like a big purse as it is soft, (and carpeted), and has not only a handle but a shoulder strap, too.

Boy, her eyes really show up through the mesh, don't they?!!? ("What are you doing to me now?")

We took her to a couple of places, and then dropped her off at home, as she was feeling a bit confined after a while. She was also drawing unwanted attention. Well heck, when you are as cute as that what do you expect?

The yellow thing is in the background of the picture is a ball with a bell in it. There is also squeaky Mice toys and Cat Nip sprinkled in the bottom.


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