Friday, April 21, 2006

Cat in the Bath

That crazy black cat of mine just loves the bath tub! She'll get in the empty tub when I'm in the bathroom, or if I'm taking a bath she'll jump up on the edge and sniff at the bubbles and shampoos and such.
Yesterday my husband said after he got out and was draining the tub, the bottle of soft soap fell in, and she jumped in after it, and when she realized there was still a little bit of water in it, (which was instantly), she flew out of it, and dashed into the living room to walk around and shake all of her little paws, in an effort to get any water off. He said it was the funniest thing he ever saw, as it looked like she just bounced off the water, and out the door, and watching her try to get the water off her paws, was just as funny!
I haven't tried giving her a bath yet. I don't know if I am brave enough.
If anyone has any suggestions on giving cats a bath, I'm all ears.

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