Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mojo Is Close to Having Her Kittens, I'm Sure!

I keep thinking it's going to be today, then the next day, I think then it'll be today, but now I know it's coming soon, real soon! Here's how:

Well, this is a crappy story, but thought I tell it in case someone out there has a pregnant cat, or dog, and wants to know when the time is coming close.

So, here goes....

We changed the kitty litter box on Friday, and then on Saturday, it was full of crap! Geeze, I freaked out! She never goes that much! There was so much in there, I thought some of it might be her kittens, but she was still fat, and gee, on closer inspection, it was definitely poop! I told you this was going to be a crappy story.

So then last night I was watching a show about wolves on the Animal Planet Channel, and one of the wolves was about to give birth and they showed her pooping, (it was a long shot, so it wasn't too gross), and the expert said that she had been doing a lot of that, and that's a sure sign the babies are coming soon.

So, when I went to work today I was talking to a girl I work with who's dog just had puppies, and I told her the story I just told you, and her eyes got a little wide, and said that her dog did that, too! In fact, even where she wasn't suppose to! I asked if she had them right away, and she said no, that it was about three days later. I think she felt a little relieved that her momma dog was just doing what she had to do, because of her situation.

So, if you count three days from Saturday, that puts us at Tuesday when the kittens will come!

Anyways, the photograph here is Mojo on my dining room table! Geeze! I never thought I'd let a cat on my table! The curtains in the background are the "Cat Scratch Curtains" we were sewing in an earlier post. She's just been laying around everywhere, and taking it easy.

I will keep you posted when they come.

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