Sunday, May 21, 2006

Where Will Mojo Have Her Kittens?

As the time is getting closer to the blessed event, I find myself consumed with wondering where Mojo will have her kittens!

After observing her walking into the closet and meowing, I got to thinking that maybe I should have taken Chris' advice to the "T", and put the box in there.

Well, when we went to Wal Mart yesterday, I found a great "Kitty Cube", which is a soft cube with an opening in the front, so I bought it to put in the closet, in case she was determined to have them in the closet. I lined the cushioned bottom with a towel.

Where do you think Mojo will have her kittens?

I've added a poll on my sidebar, to see where the vast millions of people who visit this blog, (hee hee), thinks she'll have them. Please take a moment to place your vote on the poll. You may get a pop up ad when viewing the results, as it is a free service, but I believe it's harmless.

If you've ever had a cat who had kittens, please comment, and let me know where she had them, as I want to visit all the possibilities.

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