Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 2 of Mojo and her Kittens

We still have only three kittens, and now that Mojo has been coming in and out of her Kitty Cube, I have had more of an opportunity to examine her better. Her belly is quite lumpy, but I believe it is her milk, as she spent most of the first day in with her kittens breast feeding and purring. (See previous post).

Yesterday, while at the grocery store, we passed by the flowers, and my husband asked if I wanted to get Mojo some flowers, and I laughed and said "No!" But, as we were walking away, I recalled how she loved attacking and chewing on the Carnations in a bouquet of flowers my he had bought me, so I thought, since Carnations are edible, and she loves them, she deserves her own bouquet. Yes, we bought Mojo a bouquet of pink Carnations!

As the days go by, I will attempt to get better pictures of the kittens. As they are so little right now, I am hesitant to mess with them too much.

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