Monday, June 26, 2006

The "Mojo Muse" Realized - But Where Was My Camera!

It was one of those moments that you will always remember, but you have no proof, no documentation, no witnesses, just a memory. Gee!

I started sewing my "Cat Scratch Curtains" while my cat, Mojo, was still pregnant. She was my muse, my inspiration for the name of the curtains, but had yet, to scratch the "Cat Scratch Curtains", although I caught her scratching my expensive silk ones in the Bedroom, once. No damage, thank goodness.

Since I have many windows in the Living Room / Dining Room / Office area, and had only one window done, I decided to get back to working on them this past weekend. I have a half length window in the Dining Room above my computer, and after sewing all the yarn on one of the panels, I decided to cut it in half, as I have a shelf under the window, and I didn't want it to go down to the floor like I want for the other windows.

Well, as I was cutting it, she came out of the box from her kittens, and started attacking the scissors, as she did with her pink blanket as I was cutting it in half, to make two of them as whaleshaman had so thoughtfully suggested, (see previous post down there somewhere).

Then it happened, and me, with no camera handy!

I had the panel folded in half, laying on the carpet in the Living Room, and cutting it. After she attacked the scissors, she walked onto the curtains, and scratched them, EXACTLY where the yarn was sewed onto, which represents the cat scratches! It would have been a perfect shot, if I only had my camera handy!

Of course, I ran and got the camera, but by then she didn't feel like scratching the curtains anymore. That's a cat for you.

After I got them all sewn up and finished, she did have to come investigate the hanging of them.

I can tell by the look on her face she is getting sick and tired of all the pictures I have been taking of her lately. I saw the same look on my daughter's face when I was taking photography classes.

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