Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Kitten's Eyes Have Opened!

Oh how cute they are!

My husband noticed the striped kitten's eyes were open first, and called me in to look at them. I picked each one of them up, and held them right up to my face and looked into their squinty little eyes, and when they made eye contact with me, they all stopped meowing long enough to try and figure out who or what I was! Oh gawd! I'm in love!

I didn't take a picture of them yet as The Kitten Rescue Site says to avoid bright lights at this time. That's the wonderful website that Whaleshaman had provided me with when we were trying to figure out what sex they were.

The Kitten Rescue site also has different pages for the different stages of kittenhood, and I've just added a link to my sidebar to their page for Kitten's "Birth to Two Weeks". It's a must read for people who have kittens! Thanks again whaleshaman!

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