Sunday, April 30, 2006

Why You Should Not Leave Your Panty Drawer Open

Well, unless you want a fuzzy butt.

When I went shopping yesterday, I bought Mojo a cat halter, as her cat leash had a built in halter, which was hard to attach properly. So, I put on her new halter for awhile to get her use to it. Shortly after she disappeared, and here's where I found her!

I guess the halter is comfortable, if she can fall asleep while it's on.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Valuable Picasso comes to London

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Valuable Picasso comes to London
The above links to a story about a Picasso Painting of Dora Maar with Cat, which is actually a Black Cat, valued at around 50 Million!

Cat in a Bag

Poor Mojo has been cooped up, so I thought I would take her Shopping with us today, and snapped a picture of her in her "Blitz" Pet Carrier, which is like a big purse as it is soft, (and carpeted), and has not only a handle but a shoulder strap, too.

Boy, her eyes really show up through the mesh, don't they?!!? ("What are you doing to me now?")

We took her to a couple of places, and then dropped her off at home, as she was feeling a bit confined after a while. She was also drawing unwanted attention. Well heck, when you are as cute as that what do you expect?

The yellow thing is in the background of the picture is a ball with a bell in it. There is also squeaky Mice toys and Cat Nip sprinkled in the bottom.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cat on a Leash

Although my "purrfectly" black cat, "Mojo" seems content to stay in the house, a couple of times she has tried to go outside when we went out or in. She got over it real quick, but I'm concerned for her safety, as related in earlier posts. So I got her a "Cat Leash", and after figuring out how to put it on her, I took her outside.
Hum, she didn't quite get the "Cat on a leash" thing, and just kind of looked at me, like "what are you doing to me?"
I haven't given up yet, though. I feel as with everything, "practice makes purrfect", so I will be attempting it again.
I've seen cats on leashes before, so I believe we can do this, with a little effort, and
I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.
If anyone has any ideas as to how to help us, I will be glad to hear from you.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Some Really Cool Cat Products!

I was recently shopping on Amazon.Com and found tons of cool cat products!
I've added a couple of them on my sidebar, and plan on adding more with in the next few weeks.
I just love that stroller! Check it out!
If you've seen or have gotten a cool cat product lately, please let me know.

I've Added a Black Cat Link

My English friend, I refered to in an earlier post, has emailed me a link to Wikipedia / Black Cats, and I have posted it on my sidebar.
It confirms that in the United Kingdom black cats are considered lucky, and it also has a lot of more information on black cats, and how they are preceived by other cultures. The site also has links to other black cat information.
Although, I grew up here in the United States where we are warned of black cats crossing our paths, I have decided to adpot the UK conception of them being lucky. Especially, since I have a black cat crossing my path on a daily basis now.
Thanks for the link Sandy.

Cat in a Window

I've been keeping Mojo in ever since she had that encounter with the male cat. She seems quite content being inside, and has clamed my sewing cabinet by the window, as her spot to look outside.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Cat in the Bath

That crazy black cat of mine just loves the bath tub! She'll get in the empty tub when I'm in the bathroom, or if I'm taking a bath she'll jump up on the edge and sniff at the bubbles and shampoos and such.
Yesterday my husband said after he got out and was draining the tub, the bottle of soft soap fell in, and she jumped in after it, and when she realized there was still a little bit of water in it, (which was instantly), she flew out of it, and dashed into the living room to walk around and shake all of her little paws, in an effort to get any water off. He said it was the funniest thing he ever saw, as it looked like she just bounced off the water, and out the door, and watching her try to get the water off her paws, was just as funny!
I haven't tried giving her a bath yet. I don't know if I am brave enough.
If anyone has any suggestions on giving cats a bath, I'm all ears.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Are Black Cats Lucky or Unlucky?

The night Mojo, my black cat adopted me, I was a bit concerned as she crossed our path, but then an English friend told me they believe over there that they are lucky. I did a bit of research, and found some really cool old postcards with black cats, wishing people luck. I believe they are English. I've posted one here. I've also used the image of this cat and others on t-shirts and other items in my Cafepress Store. There's a link on the side bar if you want to look.

Any ways, here in the states, as far as I know, black cats are suppose to be unlucky if they cross your paths.

But, since she has come to live with us we have gotten notices of two class actions, that we qualify for. They won't amount to much, but we've never had that happen before.
So I was wondering if anyone had any stories of getting lucky or unlucky with black cats. What do you believe?

I will do some more research, and if I find any cool sites, I'll post a link to them on the side bar.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Purrfectly Black Cat

This Blog was created to share my love of black cats with others, and to provide links to black cat info and products relating to them.
As a child I loved cats and had many, but never got lucky enough to have a "purrfectly" black one!
As I grew older I begun to consider myself a "Dog Person", as I also had many of them, too. Although I still love dogs, a young stray black cat has recently captured my heart and home!
Here's how it happened:
We had just moved into a small house on a hill, and one evening as we returned from shopping and were preparing to unload the truck a small black cat came dashing from across the street, and ran to our steps up to the front door. I remarked to my husband that a black cat just crossed our paths! As we started up the pathway, the black cat dashed in front of us up to the top and hid in the bushes. After bringing in our groceries, my husband went back out to get the remaining bags, and when he came in with them he told me that the black cat had jumped out of the bushes at him, and playfully attacked his legs! I, of course, thought that was funny, and asked where it went, and he said it went back into the bushes.
After a while we heard meowing outside, and with some coaxing, she came in. The cat looked so little, I thought I better feed her. That was about a month ago, and she's been here ever since. I've asked around and she doesn't seem to belong to anyone, and a neighbor said she's seen her hanging around before I moved in. She had no collar.
In the beginning I would let her out everyday, so she could go back home, if she had one, and to go to the bathroom, as I didn't want a kitty litter box in the house. She is so good, and has never messed inside the house.
Then another cat started hanging around, and mewing outside when she was inside. Hum, I'm guessing he's a male! Anyways, twice I heard cat fighting while she was out, and my husband saw the other cat get her down by the throat!
Then she started acting real weird. She was rolling on the ground, or laying down and sticking her butt up in the air. Gee, I guess maybe she might be in heat!
For the past week and a half, I've broken down and bought a kitty litter box, and am keeping her inside. She did really great taking to the kitty litter box, and broke it in as soon as we set it up! We first got her some kitty litter with crystals, and then a cheaper brand, and she kind of stuck her nose up at the cheap brand. Hum, do you think she really cares?
I guess it's time to make an appointment with the Vet. I don't even know if she's had any shots. She might even be pregnant already. Do I want kittens? Do I want to get her fixed? I'm not sure.
I would love to hear from any cat lovers who have gotten their cats fixed, and how that went, or had kittens, or even if anyone has any advice about cat litter, or anything else.
As I was typing this she threw up a fur ball. I've never seen a cat do that before. Should I be concerned. Is there something I can do to prevent this in the future?
Thanks for listening to my rambling ons. I would love to hear from you.