Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kittens Lounging in the Window

Ahh, what could be better than just kicking it in the window on a cool summer afternoon?

Well, maybe having your sister join you, and Mom 's tail to play with, too!

Monday, August 28, 2006

"Blitz Turbo Cat Scratcher" Review

I thought I would make this blog a bit more useful to cat owners by reviewing some of the cat products I have tried out.

Having a mother cat and kittens, we've tried a number of products, and I get to view the kitten and mature cat's response to the products.

The "Blitz Turbo Scratcher" has been the best cat scratcher I have found for both the kittens and the mother, and I have a number of different scratchers.

It is formed in a circle with a track around it, which a ball is enclosed, which is great fun for both young and old cats to play with.

The center scratching area is composed of corrugated cardboard, which cats just love to dig their claws into and scratch! An added bonus to his area is that it includes catnip which you sprinkle into the cardboard. What a brilliant idea! The cats love it, especially after a new 'sprinkle"!

I've even witness them purring and rubbing their faces against it, and then curling up and taking a nap on it.

I've added a link on my side bar in case you want to check it out. They also make replacements for the inner cardboard. I recommend buying extra catnip, if you really want to spoil your cat.

Add A Kitten To Your Floral Arrangement...

Or better yet, let a kitten arrange it for you!

Oh, my poor roses!

My little black "Mini Me" kitten went to a good home with a lovely teenager named Amanda. She really loves cats, and will make a great companion for Mini Me. I took a picture of her with the kitten, but my batteries decided to die on me right at that moment, so I can't share it with you.

"Strippie" and "Little Miss Bibs" are still here, and they both sleep with me, and I'm really getting used to them, and attached.

I don't even care if they ruin my roses, as it's so entertaining.

Friday, August 11, 2006

New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Mystery 'panther-like' animal spotted in Canterbury

A Big Black Cat Sighted in New Zealand

The above links to the story.

I wouldn't want to meet this black cat! Well, at least not in the open where he/she could get me.

Notice the eyes looks just like our domestic black cats!

Ya know, Mojo's kittens seem to enjoy hissing at times. I think they are trying to learn how to growl! They have even backed Mojo off.

I've got a few scratches, but they're all in fun, and the kitten's are no way near as scary as the picture posted here. In fact "Bibs" crawled under the covers with me last night and was licking my leg.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Black cat brings therapy of love - Nashville, Tennessee - Thursday, 07/20/06 -

Black cat brings therapy of love - Nashville, Tennessee -

The above links to a wonderful story about the great work a Black Cat named Baldwin is doing as a Pet Therapist at a convalescent home in Tennessee, and how he won over a resident who use to dislike all cats.

My Black Cat Mojo is doing fine, along with her kittens who are close to being ready to go to new homes. It's going to be tough to give them up as they have been fun to have around.

Mojo seems to have grown up a lot. She use to be a lot more playful, but I guess when you are around playful kittens 24/7, you get a little tired of it. Now when I wiggle a toy, she just watches her kittens attack it. Maybe, she knows it good practice for them. She has been an excellent mother since day one.