Saturday, July 08, 2006

Video of Mojo's 4 week Old Kittens

Saturday the 8th of July marks Mojo's kitten's 4 week old birthdays.

They sure have come a long way in such a short time.

Last week they couldn't get out of their box and now they can easily escape. So, I have removed the box from the closet and have laid out Mojo's blanket to cover the closet. I have barricaded the closet door opening with a huge suitcase, that Mojo can get over, but the kittens can't, yet.

I thought since the stripe one was larger than the other two, that he would be more outgoing and aggressive, but I was wrong. He is the shier of the three, and the black one is the most outgoing, with the black and white one a close second.

My new opinion is that the stripe one takes after his Dad who must be a larger frame cat than Mojo, and the other two take after her.

They are all so sweet.


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